It’s more than coffee. It’s a philosophy.

Marques de Paiva knows the best beans make the best coffee and that’s what you’ll have.

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Our coffee

We have carefully selected great tasting coffees from Sul de Minas, Brazil.

Choose the best coffee to match your preference

Whole Beans or Ground. No matter which type you prefer, be sure you’ll find the Marques de Paiva quality inside

Look at the entire line of products Minas Gerais, Brazil 100% Arabica

Roast Spectrum

Which roast level to choose?


Medium Light Roast

  • Higher acidity
  • Superior aroma and flavor
  • Profile
  • Velvety body

Striking caramel aroma!

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Medium Roast

  • Medium acidity
  • Well-balanced flavor
  • Rich creamy body
  • Some citric and flowery notes

Brazilians' favorite roast!

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Medium-Dark Roast

  • Medium acidity
  • Rich dark color
  • Mild notes of caramel,
  • chocolate and almonds

Tastes great with milk!

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Dark Roast

  • Well-balanced acidity
  • Strong color
  • Dense body
  • Subtle notes of caramel,
  • hazelnut and dried fruits

Best choice for espresso drinks!

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Brand Values

Marques de Paiva’s values are inspired by our vision of a world in which all coffee lovers attain the highest possible level of experience when choosing a great coffee.


Family owned coffee business for over 100 years.


Capacity combined with flexibility - ability to work small lots, offering limited, taylor-made quality.


Direct supply chain process - from tree to cup.


Sourcing from a prime region with more than 3 million fruitful coffee trees. Over 2 million bags monthly production capacity.


Social commitment to people and communities.


Leading sustainable initiatives.


Origin is key to quality – our Experience provides understanding of where best to find it.


Gourmet coffee from Brazil’s richest lands.

Awards and Certifications are a fair reward for our quality and sustainable practices.