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Marques de Paiva

One of the best Brazilian coffees brought to you

Discover new flavors and roasts from Minas Gerais, Brazil


Coffee Philosophy

It’s more than coffee. It’s a philosophy.
It’s about knowing that the best beans make the best coffee.

The coffee philosophy permeates everything we do:

When we are sourcing the finest beans, we take our expertise with us.

When we find the best beans, we use our repertoire, acquired in four generations of coffee specialists, to make them ours.

When we meet every producer, we treat them the same way we’d like to be treated: with ethics, fairness and respect.

We roast our beans using environmentally-friendly, renewable resources, so the impact to our planet is as reduced as possible.

As we grow, our commitment increases, in order to keep improving our operations and products, accomplishing the strictest internationally recognized standards.

In a cup of Marques de Paiva coffee there’s much more than coffee: there is the philosophy that by never forgetting our origins we will always take our coffee to where it has to be: in the cup of real coffee lovers.


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