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Marques de Paiva Rainforest Alliance Certified Breakfast Blend (Whole Bean, 40oz)

Gently sweet, smooth and mellow, our Breakfast Blend is a great way to start the day. Bearing the Rainforest Alliance Certified logo, this coffee is produced using sustainable farming practices that preserve wildlife, waterways and forests.

This coffee was rated 88 by the Coffee Review, one of the largest consumer buying guides for coffee in the world.


"Simple, rather shallow aroma but agreeably chocolate- and nut-toned. In the cup low in acidity, syrupy in mouthfeel, sweet-toned with continued nut and crisply cocoaish chocolate notes. In the finish fades rather quickly but on the way out remains cocoaish and rich."

Coffee Review, January 2008*

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Whole Bean

Weight: 40.00 oz

Price: $ 17.99


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* Review reprinted with permission from the Coffee Review
© Café Bom Dia