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Fair Trade

Our Marques de Paiva® Fair Trade Certified™ coffees are the gourmet choice for connoisseurs who appreciate a superior blend that has been responsibly and ethically sourced.

The Fair Trade Certified logo guarantees that the smallholder farmers who grow this coffee have been paid a fair price for their harvest, that the cooperative has received a social premium payment for use in farm or community development, and that farmers adhere to international standards on environmental stewardship.

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Café Bom Dia and Fair Trade

Marques de Paiva gourmet coffees are produced by Café Bom Dia, the first company to sell Fair Trade Certified gourmet coffee roasted at origin.

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Our Fair Trade Certified coffees guarantee the grower receives a fair price to cover production costs plus a social premium to be reinvested in their business or local community

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