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Rainforest Alliance

Marques de Paiva® Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee is guaranteed to have been produced using sustainable farming practices that protect the environment and promote social and economic development in rural communities.

Products bearing the Rainforest Alliance Certified logo meet strict standards in relation to issues such as:

  • consideration of ecosystem
  • water and soil conservation, wildlife protection
  • fair wages and medical care for workers
  • education for employees' children.

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Café Bom Dia and Rainforest Alliance

Marques de Paiva Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee is produced by Café Bom Dia, one of Brazil's top exporters of Rainforest Alliance accredited coffee.

All of Café Bom Dia's farms are Rainforest Alliance Certified. Rainforest Alliance Certification requires farmers to set aside 20% of their land for natural habitats instead of cultivation.

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